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Name Taiyotomah Co., Ltd.
Founded 23-May-96
President Ikuzo Matsushita
Capital J.Yen 20,000,000
Stuffs 20 persons
Local business Materials for the stamps production,
pre-inked stamps and rubber stamps sales,
stationery products and production of OEM products.
Local customers All the famous stamp shops and stationery whole salers,
mail order dealers, gift dealers etc.
Export items
Ink, materials for the stamps,
pre-inked stamps,
rubber stamps.
Foreign customers U.S.A. Austria, Austraria, China, India, U.A.E., Korea, France,
Spain, Hong Kong,
Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Poland, and Russia
Export company Taiyo Export Co.
Foreign factories Yangzhou DEYI Plastic-materials Co., Ltd.
Head office 4-122 Mizukoshi, Yao, Osaka, Japan 581-0856
TEL 81-72-941-3424
FAX 81-72-941-3277

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